Smirk of Meme

Smirk of Meme is a community-driven DeFi token that combines fun with finance. Our 1 billion token supply is designed to reward our community, support our team, and fuel innovation. With a deflationary model that includes token burns and transaction fees, we're focused on increasing holder value and creating a sustainable ecosystem. Join us on our journey to the moon!

Welcome to Smirk of Meme

Welcome to Smirk of Meme! We're mixing fun with finance, starting with our presale and gearing up for some big exchange listings. This isn't just about trading tokens; it's about making a profit from all the memes we can't get enough of. Joining us now? You're not just an early investor; you're part of a new wave in digital fun. Let's laugh all the way to the bank together. Ready to turn those memes into gains?


Smirk of Meme: Together, We're Unstoppable

Our community isn't just about sharing laughs; it's about shaping the future of entertainment. Your interaction, your meme, your voice—they all count. Join us in making every smirk a step towards collective achievement. Let's lead the meme revolution, together.

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Our Journey Forward

As we chart our journey, a 2% transaction fee on trades bolsters our roadmap milestones—fueling development, rewarding our community, and enhancing liquidity. This approach keeps Smirk of Meme vibrant and sustainable, propelling us toward a future rich with innovation and engagement.


Smirk of Meme's tokenomics is designed for community benefit and sustainability, with a total supply of 1 billion tokens. We're allocating 40% for presale to kickstart our journey, 30% to liquidity pools for secure trading, and 20% for community rewards to thank our active members. The final 10% supports our team and innovation. With a focus on increasing holder value through a deflationary model, including token burns and transaction fees, Smirk of Meme combines fun with financial opportunity.





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